Get the Most Out of Your Blinds

Let Advantage Blinds Install hardwood blinds in your home in Easton, PA

Installing wood blinds is a great way to give your home a classic look. Advantage Blinds provides faux wood blinds and hardwood blinds for residential and commercial clients in the Easton, PA area.

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Purchase practical and beautiful blinds

Purchase practical and beautiful blinds

Advantage Blinds can upgrade the look of your windows with new blinds.

Here are the differences between faux wood blinds and hardwood blinds:

  • Softwood or faux wood blinds-These are blinds made of faux wood. They are flexible, heavy, durable and moisture-resistant, making them great for bathrooms. We carry them in a wide variety of colors.
  • Hardwood blinds-These are classic blinds. They are stronger than softwood, heavier and longer lasting. Plus, they're better for insulation and shielding against sunlight. We carry these in a variety of colors as well.

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